Educated youngsters from the weaker economic background especially those living below poverty line (BPL) in India struggle to get right employment opportunities due to lack of necessary skills including computer skills, communication and presentation skills, etc. These less privileged children attend school with extreme difficulty with no or limited parental support most of the times in an unconducive school environment. Facing unemployment after receiving education with multifarious problems pushes these children into menial jobs and utter hopelessness. Viewing the plight of these children demotivates other children from this economically weak section of the society to study and thus thrust them into child labour.

Proposed Solution:

Help the children from weak economic section of the society get rid of vicious circle of poverty by improving their chances of placement opportunities through computer education and skill development.

Proposed Actions:

  • Impart Computer Literacy through certified training program
  • Develop soft skills including Communication, Confidence building, Personality Development

Details of the Project:

Project Site: Agra City focusing on slums semi-urban and villages Khaspur, Manoharpur, Bahdarpur, Nagla Talfi, Lal Gadi, Sikandarpur and many others
Project Duration: 5 months (for basic computer literacy and excel)
8 months (for complete MS Office and Tally course) First Batch of 30 students starting on March 1st, 2022 Second Batch starting on April 1st, 2022 Fund needed: INR 8,00,000

Implementation Methodology:

  • Step1: Computer Literacy including operating computers, exploring internet for searching material relevant to their work area and job sites, data feeding in excel, MS Office and tally (only for students who are interested in accounts and management)
  • Step2: Building Communication skills, personality development and confidence building
  • Step3: Assist in job placement through our social network and registering them on job sites

Project Output

Skilled and confident youngsters from weaker economic background Easy access to job opportunities Alleviate poverty and decrease rate of crime by increasing rate of employment Motivation for other youngsters in the area to build the required skill set for employment School will be developed as Information & Technology Centre

Sustainability of the Project:

Best and interested trained candidates from each batch will conduct future batches at low salary to keep the project running at low cost.

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