Fight the battle against Covid 19 second wave with us and save lives.

Covid Heal Medical Kit

Medicines, Thermometer, 10 Masks, Sanitiser bottles

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Covid Heal Meal for a family of four

(Twice a day for 5 days)

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PPE Kit for Volunteers for Field work


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Fight Against Corona

During Covid 19 unrest, Ek Pahel has relentlessly worked to support the poor and needy. With the help of police, our team is providing food and grocery to needy & poor families living in utter darkness of hunger because of the corona virus unrest. We are also providing some monetary support to the families residing in slums to help them buy medicines and other daily essentials. In this pandemic Ek Pahel volunteers are ready to provide assistance to people living in abject poverty so that they don't become victims of corona virus.

Considering the situation of Agra, it seems that lockdown will remain extended for long so Ek Pahel is starting online classes for 700 underprivileged chidren who study in our school Ek Pahel Pathshala. In the first phase our school teachers are sharing online chapter wise study material through easy videos which students can access on the mobile phones of their parents. Many families have smart phones but we are facing problems of internet connectivity and availability of phones in the homes of some children. Moreover, we also want to implement zoom call system to enable interactive sessions between teachers and students. We need your support so that these poor and needy kids do not lose interest in studies and do not lag behind other privileged kids who have all the needed facility for online education.

  • Work done by Ek Pahel during Corona Virus unrest in Agra
  • Registrations of Vaccination for older age people
  • Sanitary Napkins distribution during corona virus unrest
  • Providing Stationery for Ek Pahel students
  • Voluntary blood donation camp organised at Lokhitam Blood Bank, Agra
  • Installed Water Station for Migrants
  • Distribution of Juice & Water to Police Administration
  • Distribution of daily 500 Food Packets to needy people due to Covid -19 Corona Virus Lockdown
  • Distribution of 2000 Ration packets to needy people due to Covid-19 Corona Virus Lockdown
  • Distribution of Toiletries, Mask & Sanitizer
  • Making Mask for Corona Warriors
  • Assistance money to 80 poor & needy families
  • Daily Distribution of Food to animals during Corona Virus
  • PPE kits & N95 mask to S N Medical College, Agra
  • Support to Transgender Community by providing food & grocery
  • Online Classes for students of Ek Pahel Pathshala
  • Providing water & heathcare items our Corona Warriors & Quarantine centres
India it is time now to do what you do best. It is time to SHARE!

It is time to spread the love, extend support and help & put the needs of others before our luxuries. It is time to do our best and make sure no one sleeps hungry in the times of COVID 19.


The ingredients include: Flour, Rice, Dal, Salt, Oil, Sugar, Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Soap and Tea

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