Ek Pahel believes that unless members of the civil society are involved proactively in the process of development, sustainable change will not happen. We encourage and invite volunteers to be an active part of our organization and share the same vision and purpose as us to work for the welfare of children and their families. Volunteers are the backbone of every organization they not only carry the organization’s ideals within them, but also spread the message far and beyond, sensitizing the society towards the cause. Ek Pahel provides opportunity to youngsters to do internship and be an active part of the organization. We encourage them to utilize their knowledge and skills for the betterment of the children, women and their families.

  • Key areas of internship include:
  • 1. Field work research regarding the conditions of people such as level of education, level of skill development, access to medical facilities, other issues faced by people residing in slum areas.
  • 2. Road shows/Nukad natak: Perform nukad nataks to create awareness regarding chidrens' and women's fundamental rights, social issues such as child labour, domestic violence, etc.
  • 3. Assist in teaching at Ek Pahel Pathshala:
    a) Prepare interesting and interactive tutorials for classes on different subjects. Take initiatives to make learning easy and interesting for the children.
    b) Assist teacher's at Ek Pahel Pathshala in curriculum designing, teaching, and taking extra classes for weak students
    c)Prepare a school system plan for the betterment of the school and future of the children
    d) Hone the hard skills and soft skills of unprivileged students and women and add up to their talent pool
  • 4. Resource Generation
    (a) Help in fund generation to meet the operational and administrative expenses of the NGO and help realise the objectives of NGO
    (b) Help in garnering donation in kind such as grocery, stationery, school bags, etc.
  • 5. Database management regarding beneficiaries of the organization
  • 6. Assist in event management and medical and other social camps organised by the organisation

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