Balwant Rai was born in 1943 and raised in Punjab Province of India. He completed his primary-middle school education in Amritsar, Punjab. He left Amritsar and went to Patiala & Saharanpur to continue his studies. Due to limited funds he had to endure financial hardships and worked his school fees by teaching students junior to him. Later he moved to Agra, UP to receive higher education from Dayalbagh University. Due to his knowledge and capabilities he was appointed as a Lecturer in REI Inter College and continued his way up to Principal of REI Inter College till he untimely passed away on December 02, 1996.

Balwant Rai was quite social, hard-working, humble, independent, ambitious leader with strong personality. He considered providing quality education as his prime duty. He was highly devoted towards the welfare of his students. He served as a great mentor and honorably led REI Inter College towards great progress. He was a great inspiration and understood the need of discipline in students' life to achieve success. He constantly worked towards the welfare of economically challenged students by providing them free education. Balwant Rai's son Manish Rai along with a team of youngsters started Ek Pahel B.R. Memorial Welfare Society to illuminate the future of underprivileged children and women of India in December 2009.

Ek Pahel endeavours to work for the welfare goals of needy children and women as envisioned by Balwant Rai.

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