• Campus Ambassador -
    You can become Campus Ambassador for your college /school /workplace, representing our NGO.
  • Certification -
    You will be awarded with certificates for the activities/projects undertaken for the NGO. These certificates hold much value and would help in your academic enrichment.
  • Stipend -
    As stipend, you can get 5-7% of the fund generated by the intern/volunteer.
  • Knowledge Enrichment and Skill Development
      -A golden opportunity to enhance networking and inter-personal skills.
      -Gain substantive practical knowledge and professional experience on critical issues pertaining to the success of Non-profit organisation
      -Gain exposure as you get to meet and work with experienced professionals from varied academic and professional backgrounds
      -Hone your soft skills and knowledge under the guidance and mentorship of experienced professionals .
      -Utilise your knowledge and skills for the benefit of the organization
      -Friendly and cooperative learning environment with formal relationship with members of the organisation.

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