Volunteership Opportunities

Ek Pahel believes in the notion: "Be the change you want to see in the world " - Mahatma Gandhi .
Ek Pahel encourages members of the society to volunteer and get proactively involved in the developmental work for the welfare of children, women and their families.
Volunteers can help Ek Pahel in one or more of the following areas:

(1) Resource Generation
(a)Help in funds generation to meet the operational and administrative expenses of the NGO 
(b)Help in garnering donation in kind such as grocery, stationery, school bags, etc.

(2 )Mobilising People
Volunteers can get in touch with the members of our NGO and society and ask them to visit us and also join in the ongoing activities.

( 3) Spread the word
Volunteers are our voice to spread the word to the world to create awareness about women and child rights. Volunteers can spread the word in their network and beyond to promote Ek Pahel and the work we do.

(4) Participate in Events and Campaigns
Volunteers can be actively involved with us in our social campaigns, road shows, etc.

(5)Assist in teaching at Ek Pahel Pathshala:
(a)  Prepare lesson plans, create tests, create and reinforce classroom rules. Take initiatives to develop teaching methodologies for make learning fun and easy
(b) Assist teacher's at Ek Pahel Pathshala in curriculum designing, teaching and taking extra classes for weak students
(c)Prepare a school system plan for the betterment of the school and future of the children
(d)Share your expertise and knowledge with the staff and students for their betterment. Hone the hard skills and soft skills of unprivileged students and women and add up to their talent pool.

* To participate as a volunteer you don't need to be physically present in our premises, you can represent us in your own city and be a representative of our NGO . This would widen our NGO's horizon to fight for the change.

Rewards and Gains
- You will be awarded with certificates for the work done. These certificates hold much value and would help you succeed in life.
-Volunteering would get you a chance to work for the less privileged and to bring out the necessary change, we all stand for!
-Volunteers are welcome with new ideas or projects which they wish to implement through our NGO, they can run the project of their own and may get assistance from NGO as well!

Process for Applying for Volunteership

1) Visit our website www.ekpahel.com and download volunteer form 
2) Fill and submit the form online or on our email id: [email protected] along with your CV and 2 passport size photographs.
3) If your skills/knowledge match with our requirements, we will arrange for a telephonic or personal interview for verification
4) Upon satisfactory interview we would request you to join us

Thanks for Spreading

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